REDgum Communications delivers high quality, unique and well-executed *Interactives, development programs and one-on-one executive coaching that influence people to take action well.

Since 2008 Redgum Communications has helped people to experience dramatic improvement in their abilities to express, influence, lead and inspire: to operate to their full potential by knowing and then consistently, authentically and clearly communicating their purpose.


In 2018, Redgum merged with People Measures, bringing additional communications expertise to this national, well-established provider of leadership development. People Measures (incorporating Redgum) works particularly with senior levels of government and business. Our aim is to consistently deliver the most useful people development imaginable, with such impact that clients love and value the difference to their work cultures and productivity. Our vision is to enable leadership for a better future.

Redgum and People Measures empower people and organisations to articulate their meaning and build effective engagement. We value evidence, practice, empathy and transformation. We enable people to find their voices, tell their stories and make progress in complex, challenging environments. 

Our experiential style means people are supported through their growth to the point that they can implement with confidence.


We tailor programs in partnership with our clients, with agreed goals as the focus. We hone Personal Brand, Leadership Communications, Resilience & Mindful Practice, Media Presence and Presentations that Make a Difference.


All are designed to disrupt the status quo; shaking up old habits and breathing life into our human interactions.

*We think of ‘Interactives’ as a cross between presentations and workshops, often for hundreds of people. They are – as you’d expect – rigorously experiential.